Tvidler Reviews – A Safe Ear Cleansing Tool!

The Tvidler reviews share details of a breakthrough technology that serves as a safe and quality tool for ear cleaning. It is common knowledge that the standard cotton swabs are the worst ear cleaners in disguise. It might help remove the wax easily but what most folks don’t realize is that not only does it impair the hearing system but also push the wax down the ear canal which can lead to infections. Yikes!

Tvidler Reviews – Does It Clean The Ear Effectively And Efficiently?

Tvidler however is designed to collect and pull out the wax instead of pushing it down. It is reusable and money-saving, something that is impossible in the case of cotton swabs. This Tvidler review will provide complete guidance on Tvidler to help figure out if this device is worth a try or not! 

Tvidler Reviews
Product NameTvidler
ManufacturerUAB Ekomlita
Product PurposeEar Wax Remover
Main BenefitsHelps to remove the wax and debris stuck in the ear
Product FeaturesComfort, Detachable, Washable
MaterialPlastic (handle), silicone (tip)
Color schemeWhite (primary color), grey (secondary color)
Age RangeAdults 
Direction Insert the tip into the ear, Rotate and pull to remove ear wax, replace or wash the tip
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Money-back Guarantee30 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Tvidler?

Tvidler is a premium-grade plastic tool that is developed to remove the wax and debris stuck in the ear. Its head is made using ultra-soft high-grade silicone that prevents any injury to the ear canal while removing the ear wax.

The edges of this Tvidler device are pretty soft to ensure the protection of the skin deep within the ear canal. Tvidler aims to provide safety during cleaning while also eliminating all traces of ear wax. It can also get rid of the dry wax that is stuck on the sides of the ear canals.

Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner works in such a way that the ears become fully clean whilst also maintain ear health by not causing any potential damage. Anyone apart from children can make use of Tvidler to clean ears safely and effectively. 

About the Manufacturer

UAB Ekomlita is a Lithuanian company known for the manufacturing of Tvidler. Claimed to be an internet firm, Ekomlita develops and manufactures gadgets and other devices for customers around the globe. The company abides by the vision of building friendships with its users and create unique products for daily use. 

How Does Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner work?

Despite cotton swabs being infamous, it continues to be used even to this day. Mainly because it is the cheapest remedy to get rid of that annoying ear wax. 

Yes, ear wax does have a series of health benefits. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent dryness of the ear canal as well as infections. But when untreated for too long, it can of course lead to irritation and pain, and worst of all, hearing loss! 

Tvidler comes with a flexible head tip that has spiral grooves. It operates in a twisting motion that collects and removes the ear wax without pushing it down the ear canal. In this way, the hearing system remains safe from any injuries. One should simply insert the Tvidler into the ear and turn it in a clockwise direction. The wax can be pulled out without much effort so the Tvidler device need not push it deep into the ear. 


Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner Basic Features & Specifications

To have a quick understanding of Tvidler, here are all the features of this product; 

  • Innovative spiral for 360-degree cleaning.  
  • A soft and comfortable tip that prevents ear canal damage.  
  • High-quality plastic for effective wax removal. 
  • Ergonomic design for easy use. 
  • 6 additional replaceable tips and a travel case. 

Now, let’s move on to the specifications; 

  • Material of the head tip: Medical-grade silicone.
  • Material of the handle: Premium-grade plastic. 
  • Color scheme: White (primary color), grey (secondary color).
  • Detachable: Yes, head tips can be detached. 
  • Washable: Yes, head tips and handles can be washed. 
Tvidler Working

Tvidler Ear Wax Tool Benefits

The user-friendly design and innovative technology of Tvidler provide several advantages; 

  • Provides deep cleaning to the ears without posing any risks to the auditory canal or the eardrum. The twist motion of the soft spiral head sucks the ear wax fully and pulls it out of the ears safely. 
  • The rinsable and reusable aspect of Tvidler makes it highly eco-friendly as well as cheap. The additional tips that come with the product prevent the need to purchase a new Tvidler after use. 
  • Convenient cleaning due to the comfortable grip provided by the handle. This also gives the user better control of the device and prevents accidentally slipping down the ear canal and injuring the ears. 
  • The extra travel case and extra replaceable spiral tips allow portability. Thus, the user can always keep the ears under check for cleanliness and maintain ear health. 

Tvidler Pros & Cons

Pre-hand knowledge of the positives and negatives of any product can aid in making a wise choice about its purchase. Here’s what one should know about Tvidler; 


  • Safe and effective wax removal. 
  • Suitable for adults of all ages. 
  • Environment-friendly and budget-friendly. 
  • 50% discount and return services. 
  • Recommended by users. 


  • Available only on its official website. 
  • Cannot be used for children. 
  • Limited supply. 

How is Tvidler different from Standard Ear Wax Cleaners?

There are many reasons why. Tvilder’s shape itself guarantees users maximum ease in ear cleaning and helps to maintain the right force throughout. Its spiral end goes deep into the ear canal just right to remove the wax without touching the eardrum.

Another factor that sets Tvilder apart from the usual cotton swabs is its reusability. The extra spiral tips and the fact that they can be detached and washed takes away the need to make another purchase for the next use, as seen in the case of cotton swabs.

The same also allows one to carry it around anywhere and follow safe ear hygiene. Altogether, Tvilder is a quality one-time solution to ear wax removal. 

Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaning Tool Warning

Is the Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner legit or not?

Yes, this is a 100% authentic product. A number of positive Tvidler reviews about this Ear Wax Cleaner can be seen on its official website where users agree that it is a practical solution to ear wax.

The product is found to have effectively worked for many according to the Tvidler reviews and continues to do so.

It is to be noted that the manufacturer of Tvidler is transparent to customers as the complete details of this ear wax removal tool are given on its site. The makers of Tvilder also promise to refund if it wasn’t useful as much. This also shows the working potential of Tvilder for anyone making it a cost-effective product. 

Tvidler Customer Reviews & Complaints

Tvilder generally has positive Tvidler customer reviews and is recommended by many. Users report being satisfied with this tool as a whole and no complaints have been given. 

Tvidler Customer Reviews

Tvidler Pricing & Availability

The official site of Tvidler is the only source where one can purchase this product. Since a lot of fake websites have been around selling Tvidler, it is advised to approach the official site itself.

A limited period of 50% off per unit will be applied to the package chosen by the customer. The prices are given as; 

  • 1 Tvidler Cleaner at 39,95€
  • 2 Tvidler Cleaners at 55,96€
  • 3 Tvidler Cleaners at 78,96€
  • 4 Tvidler Cleaners at 98,96€

The standard shipping charge of 4.95€ has to be paid. Tvilder comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if the device didn’t work out as expected or if the results weren’t satisfactory, a full refund will be provided. 

Final Verdict On Tvidler Reviews – Is It A Safe Tool To Remove Ear Wax?

Remember that it is medically warned to not use cotton swabs, Q-tips, or ear wax candles to clean ears. Of course, it’s important to remove the accumulated wax on time but that doesn’t mean one should use pointy objects or anything that fits well with the ear size.

Now, given the characteristics of Tvidler, it proves to be a safe tool for ear cleaning. Its satisfied customer base implies quality performance as well.

As already said in Tvidler reviews, there is a money-back guarantee for Tvidler, one can try out the device to simply see the results as all costs associated with the purchase are covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Tvidler safe for usage?

Yes. Its innovative technology of twist motion and quality silicone head gets the ear wax out effectively without harming any part of the hearing system. 

  • Does Tvidler last for a long time?

Tvidler comes with 6 additional silicone tips that can be replaced when needed. Moreover, it can be rinsed which allows long time usage. 

  • Can it be washed and detached from the head?

The head tips of the Tvilder can be detached and washed of course. 

  • How effective is Tvidler to remove accumulations of earwax? 

The spiral tip of Tvidler works in a twisted motion inside the ear and pulls the ear wax to the outside of the ear instead of pushing it down the ear canal. The device removes dry wax stuck on the sides of the ear canals or anywhere inside the ear. It ensures thorough cleaning of the ear by being at a safe distance from the eardrum. 

  • Does Tvidler provide a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Tvidler comes with a 30 refund policy. 

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